Why ShinyHub?

Let the right people do the right thing –easier and better

● When you want to light your room, you don't have to build up a power station, since there is electricity company to provide power to you.
● When you want to find information, no need for you to go to the library, since there is a Google.
● When it comes to the sourcing and online retail in China for the fashion products, no need for you to set up your own team and manage everything yourself, since there is a ShinyHub!
● We know your pain, your needs, we want to help you have a happier business life, hence the establishment of ShinyHub.com, in Nov 2010, Hangzhou, China.
● Based on more than 20 years' experience in the manufacture and international trade of global fashion industry, Justin Chen, Founder, President & CEO of ShinyHub.com, aims at making ShinyHub.com The leading platform on the business ecosystem of global fashion products -- from supply chain management to online retail in China.

● What do we lack?


● Why do we lack trust?

Lack of transparency.

● Why do we lack transparency?

Due to the old concept and business model.

● What do you need?

Best price, best quality, best lead time, best service, best sale, lowest cost, and highest margin. You can't achieve these through the traditional ways, like using middle men, setting up your own teams in China. There must be a better way! Here comes ShinyHub.com!

● What can ShinyHub.com help you?

1、 What is the difference between ShinyHub and other B2B websites?

ShinyHub specialize in fashion products, covering apparel, textiles, accessories, fabric, shoes, luggage, bags & cases, toys and gifts. ShinyHub's online sourcing services are followed up by professional off line one-stop supply chain management services from sample development service, order control, quality inspection, supply chain finance, payment escrow, logistics, trademark registration, travel assistance to online retail in China, whereas other B2B websites do not provide these professional off line follow up services.

2、What is the difference between ShinyHub and the other third party companies, mostly inspection ones?

● ShinyHub specializes in the apparel and textile related industry, we provide a focused professional service instead of a general service covering many industries.
● ShinyHub is a solution provider. We focus on progress monitor and control, whereas other inspection companies mainly do result checking. Our Order Control Service helps customers to monitor and control their orders from inception to final inspection. Potential order processing issues are highlighted in advance, allowing the required action to be taken to solve such issues without negatively impacting the critical path. Other inspection companies only do inspections at the request of customers, and send a report on the status of the goods. Problems come to light very late in the process. The responsibility to find a solution remains with the customer, potentially making late shipment an unavoidable event.
● ShiningHub’s service is customer-oriented, covering the whole supply chain management, and more flexible to use.

3、 What is the difference between ShinyHub and other agents/trading companies?

●ShiningHub’s services are completely transparent, supported by ShinyHub’s specially designed sourcing platform and various IT systems.
● Business is transacted directly with the factories, eliminating the price pressure.
●ShinyHub's optional and cost-effective one-stop supply chain management services make it possible for the buyers to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

4、 What costs can be saved by using ShinyHub’s services?

● 10% to 20% can be saved through direct business with the factories.
● Up to 50% of your sourcing cost can be saved.
● Up to 90% of your staff can be reduced, saving a lot of overhead and operating cost.
● By letting the ‘right people do the right thing ‘, you can concentrate your time, efforts and funds on developing the sales in your own market. The time saved from managing your own sourcing team will be significant. The extra value generated therefore is substantial.
● Comparison of the cost in different ways is as follows.
    a) Through trading company: 15% to 20%
    b) Through agent/broker: 10% to 15%
    c) Through your own China office: 10% to 15%
    d) Through ShinyHub: only 2% to 6%
    Our innovative business model is compelling.

5、I have my own office in China, why should I use ShinyHub’s services?

Above expectation in cost, below expectation in efficiency:
a) Our customers had found the cost of running a China office exceeds budget.
b) Our customers had found the efficiency of a China office is much lower than forecast.
c) Management and control of the China office was more problematic than
d) Our customers had found it very difficult to ensure that honesty and corruption problems will not compromise the setup operations.
We understand the pains and challenges faced, and we empathize with this predicament. From one side the China office is a cost center and big burdon for the customer, from the other side the customer feels that a trustworthy party is required on the ground in China.
The trustworthy partner is: ShinyHub.
As an independent, reputable and responsible supply chain management service provider specializing in apparel and textile related industry, ShinyHubporvide transparent, efficient and professional services in a cost-effective way.
Our sincere suggestion is: Outsource most of your merchandising and QC control work to ShinyHub, reduce the size of your own team in China greatly. You will be happy with the increased profits and growth of business.

6、Can ShinyHub be trusted?

ShinyHub are a leading independent and reputable O2O (online to offline) supply chain management provider with good vision and mission, we thrive through our services. We guarantee the integrity and the high level of services to our customers. Without such values and company culture, the continued growth of ShinyHub would be compromised.
ShinyHub is transparent. One of our core mantras is: ‘No transparency, no trust ‘.
Prices from the factories are completely transparent. Business is conducted between the customer and the factories. The customer chooses whichever factory and price suits their objectives. Our responsibility is to ensure that, after the orders are placed with the factories, the production process and supply chain management is carried out correctly and in a timely manner. Our business model and supply chain management processes are supported by the specially developed IT systems. The contact history is updated online and can be viewed by you through ShinyHub APP anytime, anywhere.

7、What are the core values of ShinyHub?

* Transparency
* Cost-effective
* Efficiency
* Customer-oriented
* Independence
* Integrity
* Professionalism
* Standardization

8、 What is ShinyHub's mission?

All business people be friends!

9、What is ShinyHub's vision?

A healthy and prosperous international apparel and textile trade ecosystem.