1. Since your products are already being produced in China through the assistance of ShinyHub, it is logically natural that your products be sold in the huge Chinese market, through ShinyHub's assistance, as well.

2. What can we do for you?

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    ShinyHub evaluate the concept of your brand and design of your products and select the most appropriate styles to be sold in China.

  • As easy as 1 - 2 - 3


    ShinyHub add our additional quantity over the existing orders for the styles selected. We buy the products and pay you the brand owner at the agreed price. It's 100% safe for the brand owner, but at risk for ShinyHub whether we can sell the products all on our website or not.

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    The interest of the brand owners will be 100% protected legally. Agreement between brand owners and ShinyHub will be signed, authorization will be given, trade marks will be registered in China, login will be provided for brand owners to monitor the sale on ShinyHub website effectively -- so a single piece more sale than the purchased quantity will be considered as counterfeit, illegal, and the violation of the Intellectual Property Right, and be punished as per the agreement accordingly.